Dragon Age: Inquisition executive producer Mark Darrah confirmed on his personal Twitter account that the Black Emporium is expected to launch towards the beginning of May.

Providing further details on the Black Emporium update, Darrah also confirmed that the upcoming features will absolutely be offered to existing Dragon Age: Inquisition players as a free download.

Many Dragon Age: Inquisition fans initially thought that the Black Emporium was intended to be included as part of Patch 5. So when that update released without the Emporium, some users were upset by its absence. The confusion stemmed from the fact that BioWare first announced the Black Emporium alongside all Patch 5 content for the new PC beta program.

However, the developer later revealed that they never intended for the Black Emporium to be bundled with Patch 5 but the upcoming content did require features implemented with that update and was therefore tested alongside the patch.