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    Anders in Inquisition

    February 18, 2015 by Warden-Cypher

    Whether you hate or love Anders, i think we can all agree that he is a pivotal character, the one that sparked the fires of War.

    Assuming he has been spared at the end of Dragon Age 2, it is stated by Varric that the other mages ressented him for throwing them in this war, and he had to leave.

    So he would appear he is now alone.

    I can't lie, i was hoping for a quest to find him in Inquisition, just to see how much he would have changed (if he only had). And also, depending on his persona, whoop his ass.

    One thing reignited my hope for his future appearance, though it would be kind of a stretch...

    And it is that concept art for Inquisition:

    This 'hermit' wear a mage robe similar to the one Anders wear. Since Inquisition, though, this is not so ra…

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  • Warden-Cypher


    February 10, 2015 by Warden-Cypher


    I've been lurking a bit on this wikia (mostly regarding the game and lore) and after playing Inquisition i started to put things together. This is really my two cent, feel free to add your thoughts, but remember, let's keep it civil, thank you.

    /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ So, for those who haven't finished yet, please be aware, this might be SPOILERS! /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\

    /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\

    So, as most of you must know by now, Solas is the Dread Wolf Fen'harel. And Mythal is (or was) Flemeth.

    We also know Solas emprisonned the other Elven Gods.

    They were 9 Elven Gods.

    They were 7 Tevinter Old Gods slumbering in the earth.

    So …

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