Here are all the dialogue options for the Meredith confrontation in The Last Straw:


Meredith: "And here we are, Champion, at long last."

Hawke: (Chooses "You're a monster") "You'll pay for what you've done here." (Chooses "Been waiting for this?") "I imagine you've wanted to be rid of me for some time." (Chooses "Finally") "I was afraid you were going to let everyone else do your fighting."

Meredith: (Responds to "You're a monster") "I will be rewarded for what I've done here, in this world and the next. I have done nothing but perform my duty. What happens to you now is your own doing." (Responds to "Been waiting for this?") "I bear you no ill will. You've done this to yourself." (Responds to "Finally") "Not at all. I am here to see order restored. What happens to you now is your own doing." (To warrior or rogue Hawke) "You are no mage, but in supporting them you've elected to share their fate." (To mage Hawke) "You were never part of this Circle, and I tolerated that, but in defending them you've chosen to share their fate."


Meredith: "Look at all this. Magic is a cancer in the heart of our land, just as it was in the time of Andraste. And like her we are left with no choice but to purify it with fire and blood."

Hawke: (Chooses "You're enjoying this?") "You almost sound as if you were happy to do it." (Chooses "Death is an odd cure") "Strange way to treat a sick patient." (Chooses "It's over") "You got what you wanted. It's done." (Chooses "I'm a mage, remember?") "And me? Have you forgotten I use magic, as well?"

Meredith: (Responds to "You're enjoying this?") "Happy? I would prefer we lived in a world without such sickness, where such madness is unnecessary. But we do not. Even this battle is not yet over." (Responds to "Death is an odd cure") "Sometimes a limb must be amputated to save a life. Unpleasant, but necessary. And my surgery here is not yet done." (Responds to "It's over") "Not quite." (Responds to "I'm a mage, remember?") "I have not." (To all responses) "I am beginning to wonder just how large your part in this actually was." (To warrior or rogue Hawke) "A refugee come to our city with an apostate sister, gathering power and influence without any accounting?" (To mage Hawke) "An apostate come into our city, gathering power and influence? A sudden hero of the people?" (To all Hawkes) "How can I trust that the mighty Champion of Kirkwall is not a worse threat to this city than the Circle?"

Hawke: (Chooses "I supported you") "Is helping you destroy the Circle not proof enough?" (Chooses "Look who's talking") "If you want to see a threat to this city, look in the mirror." (Chooses "You're paranoid") "You're seeing threats where none exist."

Meredith: (Responds to "I supported you") "Proof of what? Your lies? Proof that you are more clever even than Orsino?" (Responds to either "Look who's talking" or "You're paranoid") "Hmph! Just the sort of misdirection I would expect from you." (To all responses) "The people of Kirkwall will mourn your loss, but I will tell them you died battling the mages. A righteous cause."


Cullen: "Knight-Commander, I thought we intended to arrest the Champion."

Meredith: "You will do as I command, Cullen."

Cullen: "No. I defended you when Thrask started whispering you were mad. But this is too far."

Meredith: "I will not allow insubordination! We must stay true to our path."

(She whips out a big glowing sword.)

Varric: (If he is in the party) "Andraste's dimpled buttcheeks!"

Meredith: "You recognize it, do you not? Pure lyrium taken from the Deep Roads. The dwarf charged a great deal for his prize."

Hawke: (Chooses "It killed him, Meredith") "The idol poisoned Bartrand's mind in the end." (Chooses "That's the idol?") "It seems a lot more sword-like than I remember." (Chooses "It won't help you") "Turning the idol into a fancy sword won't save you!"

Meredith: (Responds to "It killed him, Meredith" only) "He was weak, whereas I am not!" (To all three responses) "All of you! I want him/her dead!"

Carver: (If he is a templar, Mage Side) "No! I won't kill my brother/sister for you!" (Templar Side) "No! My brother/sister defended us! Defended you! I won't turn on him/her now!"

Meredith: (Responding to Templar Carver) "You dare?"

Cullen: "Enough! This is not what the Order stands for! Knight-Commander, step down. I am relieving you of your command."

Meredith: "My own knight-captain falls prey to the influence of blood magic. You all have! You're all weak...allowing the mages to control your minds, to turn you against me! But I don't need any of you! I will protect this city myself!"

(Meredith aims the sword at Hawke. Templar Carver steps in to block her path with Cullen joining him, or Cullen raises up his sword if Templar Carver is not present.)

Carver: (If he is a templar) "You'll have to go through me!"

Cullen: (Alone) "You'll have to go through me!" (With Carver) "And me!"

Meredith: (To Cullen alone) "Idiot boy! Just like all the others!" (To Cullen and Carver) "Traitors! I'l have both your heads!"

Varric: (If he is in the party) "She's lost it, just like Bartrand."

Anders: (If he is in the party) "She's clearly lost her mind."

(Meredith stabs the sword into the ground and prays before she lifts it back up, prepared for battle)

Meredith: "Blessed are those who stand before the corrupt and the wicked and DO NOT FALTER!"