Here i will present all the ideas I have so far.

As you already know from my user page, the ideas were presented to Blizzard first for their game Diablo III. Well they were not interested. Now i realize that it was all a big mistake. I wish that I had offered all these to Dragon Age and BioWare at the first place, but the game didn't exist at that time... to the best of my knowledge. And I think that BioWare is the better choice.

These are my dreams, my inspiration, my passion. I hope you like them.

Class Propositions

Dragon Warrior

Aurian Mage

Monsters and Opponents Propositions

List of Veskin7 Monster and Opponents in Mind

Desert Cyclops

Black Hand Mage

Dark Venom

More monsters and opponents will be added soon...

Characters Propositions

List of Veskin7 Characters in Mind

Characters will be added after some time...

Continent Proposition



There is more...