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Verkone July 23, 2014 User blog:Verkone

Ambrose Cousland

-Participated in the Dark Ritual with Morrigan

-King of Ferelden

-Spared Loghain


-Arl of Amaranthine

-Put Bhelen on the throne

D'warf Aeducan (Harrowmount)

-Loved Leliana

-Loghain performed the Dark Ritual with Morrigan

-Son with Mardy named Duncan Harrowmount

Theron the Dalish Warden

-Loved Morrigan and performed Dark Ritual with her

-Bhelen on the throne

-Slaughtered the Dalish

Joslyn Hawke

-Saved the former Werewolf

-Let the Magistrates son lived

-Let Harrimann live

-Let Subin leave

-Let Bartrand live

-Made a deal with the demon

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