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Meet the Advisors: Leliana

Verkone July 2, 2014 User blog:Verkone!/en_US/characters/humans/leliana?utm_campaign=da-social-na-ic-fb-social-na-ic-fb-leliana-img-site-ramp&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&sourceid=da-social-na-ic-fb-social-na-ic-fb-leliana-img-site-ramp&cid=23050&ts=1404340920301

"She has many names. Most know her as "Sister Nightingale” or “the Left Hand of the Divine.” To the rare friend, she is Leliana. They say she found faith amid darkness, and that her devotion to the Maker is matched only by her devotion to Divine Justinia V, a woman who is both mentor and savior. Those who have earned her loyalty know her as a steadfast ally. But enemies of the Divine know to fear her, for she is the shadow behind the Sunburst Throne—the one who watches and waits, who strikes when her mark is most vulnerable and least suspecting."

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