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    While I impatiently wait for Inquisition to be within my clutches, I plan out several different character race and class combos. The sad thing is is that will be all for naught. I will start up a random character with a decent name, then get my ass handed to me within an hour of the game. Soon after I will delete the character and start a second character which ends up being vastly superior to its predecessor in every way possible. It happened to me in origins until I decided to play the Human Noble in my first full play through. I made it to Orzammar with my city elf before being demolished by the broodmother each time. Oh well, the cycle shall continue in Inquisition I suppose.

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  • Verkone

    My Protagonists

    July 23, 2014 by Verkone

    -Participated in the Dark Ritual with Morrigan

    -King of Ferelden

    -Spared Loghain


    -Arl of Amaranthine

    -Put Bhelen on the throne

    -Loved Leliana

    -Loghain performed the Dark Ritual with Morrigan

    -Son with Mardy named Duncan Harrowmount

    -Loved Morrigan and performed Dark Ritual with her

    -Bhelen on the throne

    -Slaughtered the Dalish

    -Saved the former Werewolf

    -Let the Magistrates son lived

    -Let Harrimann live

    -Let Subin leave

    -Let Bartrand live

    -Made a deal with the demon

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    "She has many names. Most know her as "Sister Nightingale” or “the Left Hand of the Divine.” To the rare friend, she is Leliana. They say she found faith amid darkness, and that her devotion to the Maker is matched only by her devotion to Divine Justinia V, a woman who is both mentor and savior. Those who have earned her loyalty know her as a steadfast ally. But enemies of the Divine know to fear her, for she is the shadow behind the Sunburst Throne—the one who watches and waits, who …

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