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    EA CFO Blake Jorgensen seems a bit unsure if BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition will make the current estimate of autumn 2014, as he addresses investors during their Q2 2014 fiscal conference. The third major Dragon Age instalment has already been pushed back a year after it was due this autumn, but could slip once again. They'll know closer to fiscal guidance. BioWare is using DICE's Frostbite 3 engine to power Dragon Age: Inquisition with critics and fans generally left impressed with the radical changes since Dragon Age 2.

    "We were highly conscious of the fact that, if Battlefield is as successful as we believe it'll be, that that sets ourselves up for a challenge next year", said EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during EA's Q2 2014 fiscal call.


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  • VengefulTemplar

    You have missed BioWare at PAX Prime? No problem, a Youtube user has recorded the PAX Prime, Here is the video And here's a video from Gamescom and an interview with Bioware at Gamescom.

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  • VengefulTemplar

    The upcoming fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition is not necessarily an open-world game, like BioWare's Mike Laidlaw made ​​clear in a recent interview. Instead of a huge open-world, there is a world of Inquisition of several large regions that can be freely explored. On the question of whether the developers from BioWare consider the game as open-world experience, Laidlaw said in an interview with RPS:

    "Open world I think is a really loaded term, because everyone immediately thinks of Skyrim and assumes everything will be exactly like Skyrim. In our case, there are extremely large regions you can explore."

    "It’s a multi-region game, which means that you’ll travelling with a world map. You’re travelling across this chunk of the …

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  • VengefulTemplar

    EA has named Matthew Bromberg as head of its BioWare Label, elevating him from his role of general manager of BioWare Austin. The post is an important one because BioWare has some of EA’s most successful game franchises Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Bromberg will now be the group general manager of the BioWare label. He will retain leadership of the BioWare Austin division and extend his responsibilities to include BioWare Canada (Edmonton and Montreal), as well as the Victory studio in Los Angeles and the Waystone Studio in Redwood City.


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  • VengefulTemplar

    Electronic Arts and BioWare will be bringing the upcoming role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition to PC, the NextGen platforms PS4 and Xbox One, and the current systems PS3 and Xbox 360. As the producer Cameron Lee from BioWare Edmonton now confirmed, Inquisition will be on the current consoles, however, offer a far less opulent graphics as high-end PCs or the NextGen consoles. Lee, who identifies the next generation of consoles as the 'Gen 4', told Eurogamer:

    "On gen four you’ll see far better graphics and, more importantly, a much more immersive world. It’s a lot richer, and there’s more depth to it. We can put more things on screen. There are more NPCs. There is more life to the world. That, while a subtle thing, really does over time …

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