So obviously speculation is all we have until Bioware is able to really talk about more, according to Mike Laidlaw they are staying in the dark until they really do have something to say, which is fine by me, but i need something to do when my mind is set on Dragon Age.

So my favorite thing to chat about in any Bioware game is story, more specifically the Followers/Companions.

With that I'd like to list my favorite companions list along with the oooh who could this guy be list.

The Seeker


The character I am most excited about on my list would have to be Cassandra Pentaghast, the Seeker we all know and hopefully love from Dragon Age II. Being Nevarran by birth and a noble at that it will be interesting to see how she is treated by Orlesians since they are having a bit of Cold War with one another. While looking for Hawke and the Warden may be a companion quest for her I am more interested in trying to reconnect her with her Dragon Hunting family or possibly her fears of inadequacy when it comes to trying to stop the war.

Hopefully she will be a romance option and one exclusive to men. I like the idea of fighting with Regalyan D'Marcall over her affections.


As for her fighting style, if the pic to the right is in fact Cass then I think we'll see a two-handed style, which if you look at her squad of Seekers at the end of Dragon Age II then you might notice that they all have greatswords kind of fits. If I'm not mistaken she'll also be the first female character to have that particular style.

On the other hand she has something of a dual wielding style in her movie, which might be her actual style.

Regardless I hope that her specialization if they remain personalized that it be a modified version of a Templars, since the Seekers are supposed to enforce both mages and templars.


Hey you know what's the best thing to happen to speculation? Twitter, where no one seems to remember they're supposed to keep secrets...

Cass Elevator

Mike Laidlaw quote, “Recent decorations at work mean I can prefer the Cassandra elevator.”


With the influx of rumors we've been having lately it gets easier and easier to predict the story of these characters. The best part is that Cassandra is already so developed in the story that her contribution seems obvious...

With the death of the Divine or at the very least the Chantry leadership Cassandra finds herself in the role similar to Alistair, though I'm hoping it won't be so much "Waah Duncan." I can see Leliana doing that, but Cassandra seems like she was less of a friend to the Divine and would be driven by the atrocity and not just the death of someone she knew. I think that part of her character was resolved in the Dawn of the Seeker and although it may resurface she doesn't have a definite enemy upon which she can focus her rage so she may be fervent in her search for the killer and will drive the investigation/inquisition plot ahead.

At this time I'd like to remind everyone that the majority of this information is rumor or speculation and that while I have been correct in assuming Cassandra will be a companion it wasn't that far of a stretch and many if not most of you expected as much. So...go us!

The Senior Warden

Senior Warden

A human male main hand and shield warrior, this character appears to be in the later stages of life, perhaps in his forties or even fifties. He is well kempt in his appearance meaning that he perhaps is of noble birth. He may be of any nationality besides Nevarran, Rivaini and Antivan (since he does not share their coloring). Most likely he is a Ferelden, Free Marcher or even more likely an Orlesian (since they have been the most numerous in past games), though the only nationality to have yet to make a proper appearance is an Anders. He possibly is a senior Warden similar to Duncan or Riordan, but just as well may possibly be an older man recruited to the Grey Wardens at the later date though that is unlikely. Possible companion quests are his calling or curing him for the taint.

As a side note he may play a role similar to that of Wynne, being the fatherly wise type.

Part 1.5

So for those of you who were on the site yesterday 8/14/2012 you may have seen the “rumored” leak of Dragon Age III followers as well as the plot summary. Now I lend little credence to the story as most people do, but the followers displayed weren’t bad, they weren’t great, but they weren’t bad either.

For those who missed it I’ll give you King Cousland’s description of them.


Sera, a well-connected elven rogue with a quick wit and a sharp tongue.

Cole, whose basic traits you can probably glean from his page.

The Iron Bull, a Tal-Vashoth drunken braggart who leads a deadly mercenary company. But "old habits may die hard".

Dorian (can't recall his last name, Pavus, maybe?), a Tevinter magister who detests his native society and seeks change.


I’m not too keen on Sera, her archetype has sort of been done before and different in my opinion tends to better.

Cole if done right could be a very interesting character that you could influence to one side or another, either back towards being a spirit or forward towards being a demon, but he could also be the everyday (?) psycho killer which could get boring.

I tend to always welcome a new Kossith, but I’d prefer a mage, a woman or just another kind of Qunari, maybe a Tal’Vashoth, just not Sten 2.0. I like Sten, but I’d prefer a Kossith Rogue or Mage instead of another warrior. Now the Iron Bull being brash and basically a party animal is interesting, but may be too much of a change from our usual Kossith to be liked beyond being a Kossith. I don’t know maybe I just don’t want him to be just a tool for comedy; even Oghren struggled with something more drama filled.

I’m a little biased towards Dorian, I love the idea of a Magister in our party, in fact when I was writing up a little blog post (which I deleted sadly) detailing my thoughts on these guys I gave him an awesome intro, one I felt displayed how Magisters had been set up so far in the Dragon Age universe, i.e the slavery in the alienage, Duncan at the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins, Fenris and then ofcourse Corypheus. A magister instead of another apostate or Keeper seemed SO awesome to me, his personality was meh, and I think I might prefer a sort of mage with a superiority complex (towards everyone not just non mages) who sort of mellows out throughout the story would be a great addition/contrast to the humility I expect from the Grey Warden and Seeker.


So, real world politics aside I take my personal preferred interpretation from Heni0; the inquisition being neutral in the conflict, but sadly for those of you anti-Chantry I think it’s fair to say that you’d be working for the Divine in some way, I doubt you’d be pro-Chantry right off the bat or even at all, but we’d most likely be working on her behalf (nothing more though).

Aside all that I think being a part of Inquisition would be interesting, as an agent of the Divine, regardless of your race, gender or nationality you’d have free roam over all the Andrastian lands, being able to enter the courts of any Orlesian noble and basically have even more freedom than that of a Grey Warden.

Being neutral also allows for the inclusion of any number of companions, from all walks of life, whether you be a Tal’Vashoth running from the Qun or a Magister fighting against his homeland, there’s any number of possibilities, but of course this is all unconfirmed rantings and just for fun until the next update comes out.

[Side Note]

As a member of the inquisition I love the idea of playing a sort of detective/spy story, being Cassandra’s partner in rooting out who’s really behind the Mage-Templar War and what their plans are for the future. ... Questions to Commentors 1. Does the idea of having an Elvhen thief bother you?

2. If we’re given eight wholly original characters (including any DLC character), how do you want the divisions of the races to be? Remember that if you include a Kossith one race cannot have both a male and a female.

3. With Anders and Merrill’s transformation from their original appearances are you comfortable with the inclusion of characters like Morrigan or lesser developed characters?

The Rumors Are Coming! The Rumors Are Coming!

So they're back, you love them, you hate them, you wish they didn't exist, but hey they're here. So if you've been faithfully reading my blog, which come on, all of you have then you know that I didn't really believe the original rumor of the DA 3 leak/survey and even with this new "leak" I'm still dubious, but hey I love to speculate and artwork always gets my creative juices flowing.

So without further adieu...

P.S. I'd like to say sorry for the poor pics they weren't great to begin with, but my snipping them didn't help.

The Spear-man


The Spear-man

Looking at this photo I can honestly say I have little tono clue as to what he could possibly be? My first conclusion was that he was Ferelden, maybe an Avvar, but he could be an ash warrior or even a dwarf if this picture is distorted in some way. His appearance makes me wonder, could he be from the Anderfels? Could he be a human Qunari or maybe he's something new altogether.

Why he has a spear though is beyond me, if they plan on making classes unique like they did with Tallis which wasn't bad to be honest and he may actually dual wield or maybe the spear is just for show to give us an idea of his personality or allegiance.

I tend to get over invested and interested in the characters I speculate on so before I do here is my rating for this character.

7/10 for his interesting look and making me think, but to odd for me to properly pin down.

The Archer


The Archer

Oh joy, a female elven archer, who may possibly be Sera...a thief. We've never seen that before.

Now before I'm accused of trolling I really don't mind having her in there but I groaned hard when I heard of an elven thief and if this is in fact Sera from before than well, oh joy she is an archer to.

Now I have no qualms when archetypes are used in new settings, I mean you never know how Sera the thief could change throughout the game. She could be a bard or one of the mysterious Shadows of the Empire we honestly don't know, but if she isn't that complex of a character and is simply Varric/Zevran mk II (not that I don't like those characters, but rogues can be more than just comedy tools, see Nathaniel Howe if you don't believe me) then she's boned.

I will say that her art work is interesting, dark skinned blonde elf in Orlais. She might be Rivaini or even an Antivan which would be interesting seeing another one of those, however I must repeat myself, she needs to be done well, can't be to stereotypical. Funny is fine, just don't make it her only asset as a follower.

Rating is 5/10 if it's Sera for being a bit to stereotypical

The Mage and the er Mage?


Mage 1


Mage 2

I group these guys (I think one might actually be a woman though)because I have no idea what to make of them. They are both wearing what seems like the same outfit, which for all I know could be the uniform for the Mage side of things.

The second mage could possibly be a shapeshifter or monster that transforms into the first or it could be that the picture is so degraded that the big guy is actually a Kossith. I don't know and them wearing the same outfit throws me for a loop that I can't speculate on. So I'll leave the thoughts and ratings for these two characters up to you.

The Noble


The Noble

This particular character is probably the oddest of the bunch. She could be a noble, a bard or even the Empress Celene herself. She wears beautiful royal blue and gold clothes, carries a clip board and brings the words warrior poetess to mind.She could be Orlesian (her clothes point to it) in fact I'd almost wager on it.

I look at her and wonder what the hell is she doing in the Inquisition? Maybe she drives the whole Orlesian Civil War plot while Cassandra and the mages drive the Mage-Templar War plot.

Who knows, I will say that I give her 8/10 for making me think and being of the group so far the best drawn.

The Loyalist


You're like "Noooo" right now aren't you? Or let me be more specific, there are some of you out there going "Yes! Please be true!" and some who aren't well I have a confession to make I never really "liked" Cullen, I didn't not like him, but his original appearance was always meh to me, being the Human Noble that I am I found him to be a nuisance more than anything during the Mage quest in Origins.

So when I stepped into DA II I was indifferent upon seeing him, he was one of the more reasonable templars and his attitude had definitely done a 180 since I'd last seen him. So by the end of the game I'd built up a tolerance to him, but still didn't quite like him. But when he sided with me regardless of the choice I made, I was kind of happy. He sort of had a mind of his own and I wasn't the only one who saw Meredith had lost it. In the end him siding with me and then letting me leave peacefully was great and I started to like him a little, very very little (still didn't want him as a companion, sorry Milkman).

I still didn't know where his loyalties lay though, was he a loyalist or was he a separatist. I knew in some way he was going to have a bigger part, but how? Either he'd be an secondary ally/possible companion or he'd be an enemy maybe both I don't know, but I leave you with this.



Mini-Update: According to my sources Cullen's voice actor (who on unrelated note was the original voice actor for Anders in Awakening) has confirmed that he's done some work on the third installment of our much beloved franchise. Whether this confirms him as a companion is questionable, but at least we know that he is a character. I'll have a link to the tweet soon.


Come on it's Cullen right?