This blog is my ideas on how certain elements of the Dragon Age series, should have been made in MY opinion. Now I will be explaining this both in lore and game format.

1 Magic: My favorite thing in Dragon Age, as I normally play a Mage. First off, I don't like all the limitations of magic. Cannot revive the dead, or gain eternal youth (immortal status), cannot teleport. I always felt that magic in really any series should have restrictions not limits. Difference is things are restrict meaning, can do something but is preventing it. Where as limits is just built to where something can't happen. With that I think the extreme like travel travel or (completely reviving the dead) to be nearly impossible. As for the origins of Magic itself, my idea is completely different that what is in the series. In my rendering, magic isn't some power from the Fade.( More of my ideas for the Fade later.) Magic is the remains of the old gods' infinite powers.

My old gods aren't the Dragons, but are immortal entities that battled against the Maker. The old gods were the Creators of the Fade, but it was the Maker that gave it life and created the spirits and the physical world. The single last old god destroyed himself and his blood blessed a number of all humans and other races like elves etc. This blessing is what granted humans magic, and as the god's power was infinite so was everyone that gained a fragment of it's power. However, as living thing are finite and not an all powerful spirit or a godly being like the old gods or the Maker, their magic isn't all powerful. They need strength to cast a spell, this strength to control the magic power is the same as the energy to swing a sword, run, etc which is finite. A Mage would pass out or die if they battled for too long. Even if they could make a spell that would give endless stamina. Mortals cannot understand life enough for it to work at a useable level. Now the rest of the the last old gods power became infused in the Earth and started producing Lyrium the essence of magic. ( More to come later.)

1.2 Blood Magic: I didn't like in history that demons were the teachers of it. I think it would have been less... evil to say that an old god did. Infact, didn't one origin of magic state the old god Dumat taught blood magic to an Archon? More to come later.

People's thoughts so far?