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Dragon Age sale on XBox360!

Tierrie November 3, 2010 User blog:Tierrie

Do you own the game and half the DLCs? Or maybe you just never wanted to shell out a ton of money? It's your lucky day!

Dragon Age DLC add-ons are now on sale at the Xbox Live Marketplace! However, if you only own Dragon Age: Origins and nothing else, you might want to consider getting the complete Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition instead. That's going for a nifty $49.95 on the PC and $59.95 for XBox360 and PS3.

  • The Golems of Amgarrak: 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50)
  • Leliana's Song: 280 Microsoft Points ($3.50)
  • The Darkspawn Chronicles: 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50)
  • ...Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening: 1600 Microsoft Points ($20.00)
  • Legion of the Dead Avatar Item – 160 Microsoft Points ($2.00)

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