BioWare just released the achievement lists for Dragon Age II! It gives away many aspects of the game so without further spoilertude, click on the following to see the entire list.

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“There are men who embrace destiny; these are the ones that change the world forever.” — Flemeth
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Included amongst those are such gems as

  • Unstoppable Complete a full year in Kirkwall without any party member being knocked unconscious
  • Mogul Have 100 or more sovereign in your purse
  • Master Craftsman Craft all the items from a single crafting tree
  • Crowning Glory Seize the throne
  • Immigrant Become a resident of Kirkwall
  • Treasure Hunter Open 50 chests
  • Supplier Find every variety of crafting resources
  • Friends in High Places Meet the four most powerful people in Kirkwall
  • Dragon Slayer Slay a high dragon