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Mafia Wars? Boring. Farmville? Snoresville! Dragon Age Legends on Facebook? Where do I sign up!

Today, BioWare announces a Dragon Age 2 Facebook game tie in with the introduction of Dragon Age Legends. It will be a flash based game like its predecessor Dragon Age Journeys. The players will play as a friend of Ravi, the successor to Viscount Khedra of Kaiten. When strange things start to occur around Eiton, Ravi's son, Ravi turns to you to aid him.

13 years have passed since a group of warriors led by the Templar Ravi banded together to prevent an abomination from destroying the Free Marches city of Kaiten in a hedonistic orgy of narcissism and opulence.
The former Viscount Khedra spent most of his life as a venerated ruler, celebrated for his wisdom. Late in life, he started to change, beginning with the construction of a great coliseum where nobles' chosen champions competed for pride and glory. What began as games of entertainment quickly devolved into great spectacles of carnage punctuated by outlandish pageantry. The lesser nobles of Kaiten no longer settled their disputes in court, instead grievances big and small were decided by sword for the pleasure of an increasingly bloodthirsty populace.
The Viscount's nephew, Ravi, and his allies discovered the source of Khedra's odd behavior: Khedra was possessed by a powerful Pride demon and was now an abomination. These heroes were able to defeat the demon in a fearsome confrontation, and mysteriously, you were there to aid them.
Now, Ravi is the Viscount of Kaiten and you are one of his most trusted allies. When a mysterious set of circumstances begin to form around his son Eiton, you are the only one he trusts to save his son.
Before the launch of Dragon Age II, return to Thedas in Dragon Age Legends on Facebook. Take down demons and darkspawn with your friends in this action-packed, strategy RPG. Be Legendary!

Intrigued? Sign up now to get into the beta test in January. Or wait until February for the game to be released.