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    What are some of your favorite quotes from the Dragon Age series? What character said them? Why do you like it so much? I wish to know please share with me!

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    Top Ten

    March 19, 2011 by The Shadow User

    Ok, this one will be tough but I'm curious who is everyone's top ten favorite characters from Dragon Age? Not just party memebers but out of everyone who are the ten characters that you just can't get enough of? Mine are:

    10. Arl Eamon (Because he's a cool old man who isn't intimidated by Loghain)

    9. Nathaniel Howe (Because It's cool how determined he is to bring honor back to his family name)

    8. Oghren (Drunk Dwarf. 'nuf said)

    7. Velanna (Because she's cool and heartless and way better than Morrigan)

    6. Bethany (She is sweet and awesome, and when I lost her to the Circle, it broke my heart)

    5. First Enchanter Orsino (Because he's cool and way better than Irving)

    4. Varric (Because Bianca is AWESOME, and he's funny as heck)

    3. Anders (Because he i…

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    Now i know the chances of characters from Dragon Age: Origins being Party Members in Dragon Age 2 is limited, probably wont happen. But does that mean you shouldnt encounter and interact with them? I think not so I ask you are there any Party Members or other characters for that matter, that you'd like to encounter or (if were lucky) recruit in Dragon Age 2? (Personally im still praying for Shale in Dragon Age 2)

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