Coterie Reader,

You wish to know the reason as to why I failed the mission I was given? The story I'll tell is unbelievable but with the times that we are in, it fits in with everything. All that I will describe is true, weither you believe it or not is up to the one in charge.

I was in a Jader when I first got information on the where the Orlesian noble was. I had just crossed the border from Ferelden a day earlier. From my past assignments I knew this particular pub was good for information. It was ran by a dwarf from Orzammar, who had ran away during the time of the 5th Blight.

“You’re back elf? Did think I would see you in Jader so soon again.”

“Work calls. I need a cup of your best ale and information on this Noble.”

I slid him the paper. He looked at it for a while then looked at me.

“THIS noble?! You must be mistaken. Why him?”

“I don’t ask questions. I receive my assignements and go. You know how it is. This could’ve been your mission if you hadn’t let the Hero of Ferelden scare you out of Orzammar.”

He gave me a discusting look while he handed me the ale.

“He’s powerful in Orlais. Not sure it’ll be easy for you but im sure you don’t give a damn huh? Hahah”

“Just tell me.”

“I don’t know where he is, but I know these two that use to work as his body guards. They’ll be in Mont-de-glance. Just look for the Qunari.”

I took the paper back and began to walk out.

“And as usual….your best ale taste like halla’s piss.”

“Haha. And as usual elf, when have you been drinking halla’s piss?”

The road to Mont-de-glance was 3 days long. I had arrived and immediately started looking for the Qunari. In a city full of humans, I thought it would be easy. I could tell I easily stood out as one of the few elves that wasn’t attached to a human as a servant. I never liked city elves. I was approached by a human.

“Dalish elves in this city are rare. Why are you here?”

By his attire I could tell that he was a Templar, so to not cause trouble I quickly replied.

“Trade for my clan. I was told to meet a Qunari here in this city to get the proper items to sustain my clan.”

He looked puzzled but I could tell that he bought my lie.

“There’s only one Qunari in this city and she’s at the chantry. I’ll escort you.”

I followed the Templar to the chantry. I found it odd that the Qunari was in the chantry, even more odd that it was a female Qunari. I feared that it was a trap but upon reaching the destination it wasn’t. She was elegant to look at. Attractive for a Qunari. I had always pictured them to look rough like the males. The Templar left me with her.

“May I help you?”

“A female Qunari in a chantry?”

“About as strange as a Dalish Elf without an Orlesian accent looking for me of all people, isn’t it? I am no longer Qunari, for after the chaos in Kirkwall with the Qun and the destruction it caused, I can no longer abide by such rules. If you want to refure to me, call me a Kossith.”

I knodded and looked around to see if anyone was paying attention.

“I was told that I could get information from you.”

“And who told you?”

“A dwarf in Jader.”

She looked me up and down. I didn’t know what to take from it.

“I see. And what information are you looking for?”

I handed her the same paper as I did the dwarf.

“My old master? I will not ask what you need with him. I know how he is so I could only imagine. He’s in Val Royeaux at the moment. He will be there for the next week. Then he's leaving. I’ll give you the address to his estate.”

She wrote it on the paper and handed it back.

“Be careful. He's more powerful than you think. He has allies in all places.”

I nodded and began my journey. It was strange that this mission seemed to be easy. I was constantly thinking that throughout my entire trip to Val Royeaux. The information seemed to come easy…too easy.

I arrived at Val Royeaux. If he was to be there for a week then I only had two days to find him and finish my assignment. I decided to rest for the day and wait until night to find him.

The address was correct. I was able to bypass the guards and make my way inside the estate. Mysteriously the estate was almost empty. No guards on the inside, no servants, nothing…until I reached the dinning hall where the Orlesian, in question, was waiting for me.

“Was wondering when you’d get here, assassin.”

“How’d you know I was coming?”

“Enemies among your own ranks or you could call them traitors, whatever you prefer. I was informed from someone in the Coterie that I was being targeted. Then I set up this little game for it to be easy to find me.”

I was confused about what he meant until his body guards came out. The dwarf from Jader, the Templar, and the female Kossith.

“After all the assignments you helped me with, why turn on me now?”

“Listen elf, no hard feelings. This here noble funds my pub. If he dies then I lose gold, then I cant feed my family. If I had known that they were sending you…”

“Nothing would have changed. Dont act like you're upset. And you two? You both already knew who I was when I walked into the city?”

I drew my blades as they drew there’s. The fight began. Not to brag about myself but I think I did well to fight against 4 people on my own. I was able to kill everyone BUT the Orlesian. He ran away and I gave chase. Chased him through the streets and alleys until a mysterious woman stopped him in his path and he fell to the ground. I walked up slowly.

“Thank you. He stole from me.”

“No need to lie. I know the truth.”

“What you say?”

She let out an eerie laugh and pointed at both me and the noble.

“Both of you will be needed in the future. Each in your own way. I cant allow you to kill him and I cant allow for you to die either. In a few days you will hear about something that will affect all of Thedas. I suggest you leave the Coterie and reunite with your clan. That will start your destiny.'re lucky I was here but is it fate or chance? I can never decide.”

"What are you talking about human? You speak nonsense!"

"You are required to do nothing, least of all believe. The time has come for me to leave. You have my sympathy. You have a tough path ahead of you."

That was the last thing I remember before waking up in the Arbor Wildes. A day later I heard news of the Mage/Templar conflict that happened in Kirkwall. I don’t know how that old woman knew that would happen but after that I went looking for my clan. I’m no longer with the Coterie. By the time you read this letter I’ll be with my clan. You can try to punish me for not finishing my assignment but you will have to face more than just me. Assassin X ;)