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    Orlesian Mystery

    October 5, 2011 by The Dread Wolf

    Coterie Reader,

    You wish to know the reason as to why I failed the mission I was given? The story I'll tell is unbelievable but with the times that we are in, it fits in with everything. All that I will describe is true, weither you believe it or not is up to the one in charge.

    I was in a Jader when I first got information on the where the Orlesian noble was. I had just crossed the border from Ferelden a day earlier. From my past assignments I knew this particular pub was good for information. It was ran by a dwarf from Orzammar, who had ran away during the time of the 5th Blight.

    “You’re back elf? Did think I would see you in Jader so soon again.”

    “Work calls. I need a cup of your best ale and information on this Noble.”

    I slid him the paper. …

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