aka Tony

  • I live in Kirkwall
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is I rant on random bullshit that I can't stand.
  • I am Male.
  • TheRandomRanter

    Your hated jerk has returned once again to tell everyone that certain things suck and this time i am going to be talking about a few writers on this website. i have come back due to the increasing of fan fiction writing and i am very disappointing in the writers themselves the crap they wrote is so stupid and most of the time doesnt even need to be written like backstories of sertain quest and all that other shit at first i was only hating on the writing skills of a certain person but now a second writer has come along and i hate him and his writing it is terrible and unthoughtful just like the other guy. that is all.

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  • TheRandomRanter

    I seriously can't believe I read one of the worst written character ever put in fan-fiction or the Dragon Age universe. This character is written by Jennifer Holper or however her damn name is spelled, I mean some random fan that writes the shittiest characters ever written. But anyways, it would be a character fucking Jennifer would write as the story follows a Kirkwall Gallows Mage known as McBeth Crowe and already the character was completely boring knowing this guy had the stupidest names ever put in fan-fiction. So this guy, McBeth, is a completely selfless and somewhat very annoying character that reminded me of none other than Flick from a Bug's Life who is a Senior Mage of the Kirkwall Gallows who when the First Enchanter is kidnapp…

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  • TheRandomRanter

    These are Mages that spent their whole lives hiding and running and don't like how Andraste or some bullshit religion treats them, but when you the player choose to choose the Templars over the Mages the Mage is okay with it and says this to you.

    I hope picking the Templars over the Mages will bring us closer to the light of the Maker.

    ...Are you fucking kidding? So all these years you sat there supporting the Mages and you're okay with the fact that helping the Templars will in fact imprison more Mages who don't deserve it and even saying.

    It will bring us closer to the light of the Maker.

    Wow, that is shit character development for seven fucking years and you still are that easy going with what the fuck the main character is doing? Sure you w…

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