So I've nailed down what I want to do with DA II.i, I'll do a story branch from the begining. First ill need to create the town of Gwaren. It's mentioned like twice in the prologue as some port town in Ferelden. I assume it has to be to the north because the Free Marches are north of Ferelden. I think it will be among that cluster of islands just north of the circle tower. That seems logical as it's right on the road and has access to the Amaranthine Ocean and thus The Free Marches.

So you will still do the prologue to select your character and the like. But instead of jumping from the wildes to Kirkwall there will be a scene where your family is on the docks and you are about to board the boat. A dialogue wheel comes up as you see a group of brigands kidnapping a child on the docks. The options are,

(Good) Defend the child. (Neutral) Call the Guards! (Bad) Pretend not to notice.

If you choose the bad route you board the ship and it takes you to Kirkwall. Normal Story. If you choose the neutral route a battle with the brigands and some help from some guards ensues. If you choose the good route your party rushes to help the Elf and a small battle ensues.

As a result you miss the boat to Kirkwall, but the little girl/boy(depending on which sibling died) reminds mother of Bethany/Carver. So you take Iline(girl)/Erik(boy) in.

As a Mage: Iline/Erik will finish the final enemy with an arrow, revealing themselves as a rogue.

As a Rogue: Iline/Erik will comment on seeing Bethany use Magic and finish the final enemy with Chain Lighting.

As a Warrior: Iline/Erik will appear in a flash(using backstab), to finish the final enemy.

With the extra person in your party you cannot afford to board the next boat. So the family sits down to discuss other options:

Bethany/Carver belive that as long as everyone crosses the Waking Sea, everyone will be safe from the blight. The child mentions that they have heard of people riding with fishing boats across the narrowest part of the Waking Sea to another fishing village(name to be determined) on the other side.

Aveline wants to head to Denirim, Surely the capital of Ferelden is in no danger of falling to the blight.

If bethany is alive she will protest saying that denirim is sure to be crawling with templars.

Mother will want to wait in Gwaren to see if the money can be raised to get to Kirkwall.

if your choices were evil in the prologue hawke says "well thats a stupid idea, we can't just sit here and hope for the best!"

Following the sibling's path will take you to an new town across the Waking sea and an all new Quest within the free marches. Following Aveline's plan will take the family to Denirim during the 5th blight with possibilites to meet your imported Hero and an all new quest across Ferelden. Following Mother's path will result in Iline/Erik becoming ill and dying and the family will travel to Kirkwall(normal story).

Stay tuned as more updates to the story will be posted here!

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