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    So it turns out that there are Specialization books coded into DA2 just like in DAO. And even scripts written to activate/deactivate certain specializations... So being a fan of the way DAO makes you socialize with your companions to earn Specialization unlocks... I think ill just go back to the way it was. There are actually ALOT of items in the game but unused for whatever reason.

    On a side note i was messing around in 3DS max with the model for The Ream-Ward to make it look like a Buster Sword from FF7... looks pretty good IMO so I'm putting it in the mod.

    - Teonlight | Talk 01:49, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Teonlight

    So I've nailed down what I want to do with DA II.i, I'll do a story branch from the begining. First ill need to create the town of Gwaren. It's mentioned like twice in the prologue as some port town in Ferelden. I assume it has to be to the north because the Free Marches are north of Ferelden. I think it will be among that cluster of islands just north of the circle tower. That seems logical as it's right on the road and has access to the Amaranthine Ocean and thus The Free Marches.

    So you will still do the prologue to select your character and the like. But instead of jumping from the wildes to Kirkwall there will be a scene where your family is on the docks and you are about to board the boat. A dialogue wheel comes up as you see a group …

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  • Teonlight

    So it begins....

    April 7, 2011 by Teonlight

    So I've just completed a HUGE portion of the Weapons (Dragon Age II) page. Lotsa bugs and trouble shooting to get that info together and make sure its accurate. But I still have Accessories (Dragon Age II) and Crafting (Dragon Age II) to go through. In my travels I became EXTREMELY upset with Bioware for excluding atleast 10 beautifully crafted items from the game. Including some favorites from Dragon Age: Origins but alas I didn't have to push a game out the door before we could finish so I suppose I understand.

    On a side note I'm begining work on Dragon Age II.i which is the name I've dubbed my full game mod for DA2. I'm tossing around time placement. There are really two opportunities to place a mod that make sense. Either within the 3 y…

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