Tekka Ijuin

aka Michael Largness

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  • I live in Rustboro City, Hoenn
  • I was born on November 21
  • My occupation is Magician
  • I am Male
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    OMM Short Story Entry

    September 27, 2011 by Tekka Ijuin

    ´How did it come to this?´

    Limell instinctively grimaced, her eyes clamped shut as the sickly sweet, red liquid ran over her face, staining her light brown hair, flowing down her neck and settling inside her armour. When the trickling ceased she eased open her eyes and glared defiantly upward at the bulbous form of Armand Corneille Jacques Edouard Bellanger the Seventh, his wide, yellow toothed grin framed by a neatly trimmed red goatee and his flushed, fat face.

    Armand's giant frame, made even larger by the multiple layers of Orlesian finery he adorned himself with, leered downward at his would-be assassin while his private guards held her down on her knees. He giggled girlishly and snorted between a series of strained breaths, his belly sw…

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