Master Harlan,

I regret to inform you that I have failed my mission. As you know, the Orlesian still lives. This is due to unforseen circumstances which were not provided during your briefing and should be made clear before you make your... decision.

My mission, as you described it, was fairly simple. Kill the visiting Orlesian before the end of the week, and make it look like a robbery in the Hightown market. My plan was to hire some local thugs to distract his men and kill the Orlesian himself in the confusion. These hirelings would no doubt be killed by his guards, so that would wrap up the loose ends very nicely. I set off to do that in the very night in question. However... some complications arose.

I hired the men, as I planned, and promised them reinforcements. The fools would never know they were just distractions. I paid a merchant off to keep the Orlesian there haggling til night came. Then, when the streets were dark and empty, my men launched their attack. The guards came to fight them off and predictably, the Orlesian ran off to the square in front of the Chantry. I followed him under the cover of night and struck.

I made one quick killing blow to the center of his corps, as I was trained to do, but he did not fall. His robes must have been heavily padded. However, I did know that I managed to wound him, as my dagger was bloodied. I must have taken too long in studying him because when I next attacked, I felt something... wrong. My blood inside me felt strange. Cold. I feel it coursing through me uncomfortably. Then hot. Too hot. Suddenly, I couldn't control myself. He was wearing some strange expression on his face. There was some evil in him. As you know, master, I've been trained not to feel fear. That night was the first night since my training I have felt anything like that. He waved his hand and I flew across the square. Words came out him indistinct and garbled. I could feel my hands make actions that weren't my own. Of all the throats I had cut, I never imagined I would cut my own. And yet, that night, I did.

I awoke the next morning barely alive. I had been saved by some healer from Lowtown. A Ferreldan. I thank him for my life. When he asked me, I told him I was attacked by thugs. He knows nothing of our operation. I know failure is unforgivable for those of us of Coterie, and yet, the Orlesian lives. Keep your money. I fear for my life, but the fear I fear from the Coterie is nothing compared to what I felt that night and I still do. I don't care what you say, I am not going after this man again.

Sincerely yours,

Assassin X