This first trick is very simple, but if you are patient! During the quest "Tainted Blood" Where Duncan asks you to get darkspawn blood. Go get the blood first, once you have them go straight to Duncan (Dont go to Morrigan or else it wont work.). Once your back at camp talk to Duncan and keep spamming the line "We have the blood, but not the scroll.". Do this as many times as you want. (Max Level is 25)

  • Remember when doing this you need to be very patient. ;)
  • This bug does not work on the PS3.(Xbox and PC only :(.)
  • Don't connect to Xbox Live (This will remove the bug)
  • Enjoy :)

This second one requires you to have 1 point in Trap-making. When you reach Lothering go into the pub where you will find Leliana, there will be soldiers there that you will have to fight. (It will be easy for you if you maxed out your level with the first trick.) after the fight buy "Spring Traps" Max out your current money.(The more you buy the better) after buying use the Trap-making skill and make the simplest trap. Then go outside and look for the girl named Alison. Each trap that you give she gives you 50 silvers for it. Since this is also a quest you also gain experience by completing it.

  • Note that once you do one of the main quests Lothering will be destroyed.
  • Going to camp or doing sidequests does not destroy lothering. :)

This last trick will require you to have 115 gold or something. Go to camp and talk to Boddan (The dwarf that you saved from Lothering) and buy the weapon "The Vershaille". Go to any merchant except Boddan. For example the merchant at Wade's Emporium. 1st step is move the weapon to your junk. Second talk to the merchant and sell the weapon, then buy it back. For some reason it sells more than its bought price.

  • Just keep on pressing Y and A(Xbox). The faster the better :) HAPPY CLICKING.