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Taking on The High Dragon: A guide

TD.Theron October 18, 2014 User blog:TD.Theron

So you are about to face the High Dragon located at the mountaintop (The one guarding the Urn of Ashes.) Here are some tips to take it down easily:

Party Members (Rouge and Mage): Sten: for the tank/Damager of the party Leliana: Use her as an archer she is more effective that way. And also for the party to not get wiped out since the dragon always attacks the melee ones. Wynne: So that your party can survive.

  • Note: Taking Wynne is the most important because you need to have an effective healer in your party.

Party Members (Warrior - Damager type): Alistair: Since you are already the damager type, you need alistair to taunt the dragon so it only attacks him. (Alistair is the most tanky in the group.) Morrigan: Take Morrigan for your party to deal continuous damage to the dragon. Wynne: Take Wynne again for the healer type.

Party Members (Warrior - Tank type): Sten: Since you are the tank type let Sten do the Damaging. Leliana: Take her to cast some bard buffs which will help you in taking damage for the group. Wynne: Same Description as always.

  • Note: Be sure to loot the dragon! Then take the scales to Wade's Emporium in Denerim.(DRAGON SCALE ARMOR!!!)

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