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  • TD.Theron

    So you are about to face the High Dragon located at the mountaintop (The one guarding the Urn of Ashes.) Here are some tips to take it down easily:

    Party Members (Rouge and Mage): Sten: for the tank/Damager of the party Leliana: Use her as an archer she is more effective that way. And also for the party to not get wiped out since the dragon always attacks the melee ones. Wynne: So that your party can survive.

    • Note: Taking Wynne is the most important because you need to have an effective healer in your party.

    Party Members (Warrior - Damager type): Alistair: Since you are already the damager type, you need alistair to taunt the dragon so it only attacks him. (Alistair is the most tanky in the group.) Morrigan: Take Morrigan for your party to d…

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  • TD.Theron

    This first trick is very simple, but if you are patient! During the quest "Tainted Blood" Where Duncan asks you to get darkspawn blood. Go get the blood first, once you have them go straight to Duncan (Dont go to Morrigan or else it wont work.). Once your back at camp talk to Duncan and keep spamming the line "We have the blood, but not the scroll.". Do this as many times as you want. (Max Level is 25)

    • Remember when doing this you need to be very patient. ;)
    • This bug does not work on the PS3.(Xbox and PC only :(.)
    • Don't connect to Xbox Live (This will remove the bug)
    • Enjoy :)

    This second one requires you to have 1 point in Trap-making. When you reach Lothering go into the pub where you will find Leliana, there will be soldiers there that you wi…

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