I rolled my save back to defeating the Ogre in the tower before lighting the beacon. I had to see if the dialog options were correct with Morrigan and her mother... and you know what? Surprise! I got a +4 w/Alistair and a +8 from her! Huh. Who'd have thunk it. Anyways, I'm on hold with the game at this point while I try to figure out how this damn wiki thing works so I can post this info in a table/template! Sheesh! Maybe I'll just throw it out there in raw text and let someone else who knows a thing or two figure it out? You decide unless I can con my friend Kyle into doing it for me. Oh and as for right now, the lady friend has taken the opportunity to play her game. She just picked up Shale and I think she may be heading to Soldiers Peak. Does anybody know if you can use the specialization points after level 7 when you unlock a new option like Ranger or Assassin? As in, if I'm level 7 and I don't have the spec I want available yet, can I skip using it at this time and use it later when I get that one unlocked? Or is it lost and gone for good on the 360, use it or lose it style? Comment on that would be appreciated. Thanks.

--TANKtr0n 07:17, January 2, 2010 (UTC)