• Stradiviper

    GameTrailers just released an exclusive video comfirming the many rumours and speculation surrounding Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening's final companion: Nathaniel Howe. GameTrailer's description reads:

    "The Howe name was once great, known across Ferelden as honorable stewards of their lands and protectors of their people's freedom. But then Arl Rendon Howe betrayed the teyrn of Highever, assumed a title that did not belong to him, threw his lot in with a regicide, and was slain for his deeds. And yet he was the lucky one. He did not live to see his surname dragged through the mud, his family stripped of titles and lands. It is Rendon's son Nathaniel who has suffered for the sins of his father. He has been left with nothing, a pariah forced …

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