One of the things that bugged me a lot in DAII was the whole blood magic concept. If you do blood magic, you are interacting with demons, turn into an abomination, and go insane (aside from Hawke). In DA:O this wasn't the case. Jowan, although not the brightest bulb in the box, was clearly sane. He didn't turn into an abomination, and he had control over his thoughts. I don't recall there being a connection between blood magic and demons, either. If you used blood magic, you didn't have more of a chance of becoming an abomination. The Tranquil became abominations in that one scene where an abomination (or possibly a demon, I can't quite remember) was turning them in to abominations. Yes, mages aren't the only ones that can turn into abominations in DA:O and in DAII, but the blood magic thing doesn't make sense. Compare Jowan and Orsino. Jowan uses blood magic, Lily says it changes people, and he runs away. He poisoned the Arl, which was why the Desire Demon, which he did NOT summon saw an opportunity to make the deal with Connor. If Jowan uses the blood magic ritual, he's still sane and human. Orsino uses blood magic, and suddenly he turns into an abomination, and looks just like the Harvester. I just really don't like this big switch. Not only that, but they don't make it consistent. Gascard DuPuis was a blood mage, and was, more or less, sane. I like blood mages being sane and powerful, not controlled by demons. Did anyone else notice this big switch, or was it all just in my head? Opinions?