I know some of you spend some quality time in Bioware forums and if that is the case you probably know about this. But for those who don't know about the following bugs I hope this information would be helpful to you.

Minor Spoilers

Following are some of the known bugs in Dragon Age 2

Bonus content is not showing up under the 'Unlockables' menu

Currently there is an issue where the 'unlockables' menu is not properly reflecting what is actually unlocked on your account right away (it will eventually). This does not, however, reflect what you will actually find in the Special Deliveries chest in Gamlen's house.

If your account is entitled to any particular item you should do the following: 1. Verify that your EA Online account directly matches your account login 2. Verify that you are in fact logged in to the EA Online Account 3. Go to Gamlen's House in lowtown and check inside the Special Deliveries chest for your items

Isabela - Fools Rush in - Cannot enter chantry

This is in regards to users experiencing an inability to enter the chantry during Fools Rush In quest. If Isabela is standing beside the door and there is a quest marker but you cannot enter this applies to you:

Cause: Looting 'Hayders Letter' before Isabela speaks her line about searching the bodies (essentially looting the item as soon as you are able to).

Solution: Currently there is no work around if you have done this. You need to load a save from before picking up Hayder's Letter and wait until Isabela says to Search the Bodies (she only has to start talking about it).

Sebastian (Exiled Prince) - Duty - Cannot complete The Docks section

This applies to you if your quest still says you have Flint Company Mercenaries to kill and there is a quest marker in The Docks (Night) but no enemies are there as you've killed them all:

Cause: If you entered the Hidden Passage sewers immediately after killing the Flint Company Mercenary encounter the quest does not update.

Solution: If this occured during Act 1 (before Deep Roads Expedition) you have another chance to complete it in Act 2. Just be very cognisant of the Hidden Passage transition entrance and do not enter it until the Quest Update appears. (note: you dont have to enter the sewers for the quest, it just happens to be right near the encounter and is easy to accidentally enter). If you do this in Act 2 you will need to load back before killing the Flint Company Mercenaries in The Docks (Night).

Update (3/20/2011):

Imported saves' romance flags not recognized in DA2

There are several issues regarding save game imports to the Dragon Age 2. One of them is that the Dragon Age 2 unable to recognize the romance choices of the Warden in Dragon Age: Origins.

Unofficial Fix: click here to download

Update (3/26/2011):

Hawke stuck in slow motion

When in combat Hawke fights in slow motion. He/ She runs from point to point at normal speed but any attack animation is affected. No other character or enemies have any slowdown at any time.

Cause: The game will wrongly apply Isabela and Sebastian's friendship bonuses to the PC (+5 attack speed/+5 damage reduction, respectively); basically the game will assume the bonuses are active even when they aren't, and then "remove" them by subtracting 5 from the affected value. Over time, this continual lowering of your character's stats can have your characters taking double damage and attacking in slow motion.

Unofficial Fix: click here to download