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Article content:

"As in the previous it is in Dragon Age 2 new opportunity for give same-sex relationships. As a companion so far the Elf and Dwarf Rogue Mage Fenris Varric are posted on the male side and the Nahkämpferinnen Isabela and Aveline for women.

While a possible romance with Isabela is already safe and Varric has been suggested as a possible partner, please stand by Aveline and Fenris pending.

Also look like the possible combinations, the developers wanted to tell so far. Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw has so far only confirmed that for everyone something suitable will be: "Not every pet is interested in a romance with Hawke. But there will be options for all genders and preferences.

And exactly this statement have disturbed some of the players in the official Bioware forums and voted against the possibility of homosexual relationships. In the largest thread on the subject has now Dragon Age author David Gaider spoken up and defended Bioware's position: "As long as the romances are optional and must be actively pursued by the player, they [the critics] no reason to complain. To advocate that people should not see certain content, just because they do not even want to use is largely meaningless.

For me personally it is not as complicated to install these things. The resources can be invested for a minority of players is not very big, but I can imagine that it is very important for the affected players. And I hope that other people are sensitive enough to be happy for these people - if only from the selfish thought out, even once to stand as a minority in such a dispute about content and experience the same support."