• Skoton

    An Assassin's Folly

    October 3, 2011 by Skoton

    I paused, breathing heavily, feeling the heavy rain pounding upon my form masqueraded by brier. Watching, waiting for what seemed like hours, thinking… This noble was foolish, even for an Orlesian. Crossing the Coterie was dangerous. Purchasing from ’rivals’ as they were, buying out loyalties from cutthroats, and pushing the guard to raid bases. He was bad for business, the guild wanted him dead and they sent me to make certain. It is also rumored he is a staunch supporter of reclaiming Ferelden… My breath stops, through the rain I notice figures, a patrol making rounds.

    I wait for them to pass, then hurry towards the tall stone wall, scaling it with some ease. Dropping down to the other side, I am glad for the heavy downpour to silence any…

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