As you have undoubtedly heard by this time, the Orlesian swine still lives. As I know you very well, and I know that you undoubtedly have placed a price on my head, I felt it necessary to explain to you the exact circumstances of my failure.

As you already know, I was not sent on this assignment alone. I also assume that you already know Lyna has disappeared since our failed assassination. I assure you she is not being held in some Orlesian prison, forced to endure monstrous tortures in an attempt to receive information about the workings of the Coterie. I made sure of that myself, although I must also assume that she gave out those secrets long before this attempt.

Breaking in to the Orlesian lord's mansion in Hightown was much easier than I had expected, and I soon discovered why once we entered. They had known about our coming, and they had set a trap. We found ourselves surrounded by twenty or so Chevaliers. The seven we killed were dispatched easily enough, and we managed to slip out through a window on the second floor of the mansion.

After another three days of digging through the Dark City, I finally managed to find his true place of residence, at least for the time he was being hunted. I was rather surprised to find that he had actually settled for a small house, if it could be called that, in Lowtown, with only a handful of guards to protect him. Granted, they were supposedly the best under his employ, but I had no doubt in myself, nor in Lyna.

We arrived at the small stone structure he inhabited, and found ourselves confronted by two of the five guards he kept near. Lyna dispatched the first before I could even draw my blade, and the second fell soon after. I charged into the home, and found three bows trained on my left eye.

I expected Lyna to rush in and, at the very least, cause a distraction. Instead, I felt the cold red-steel of her dagger press against my throat. She whispered in my ear, and what she said is for my knowledge alone. All you need to know is that she was under the employ of the Orlesian cur, and she was the reason he knew of our attempts.

I soon learned the Orlesian had already fled Kirkwall, although I was not told where he ran to. After learning I had no chance of completing my contract, and also learning that they had no intention of simply letting me go, I attacked. I crushed one of the small glass bombs between my fingers, and smoke filled the room. I was a blur of motion then, my dagger cutting through flesh and muscle, piercing both armor and bone. I killed two before finally finding the door again, and then I was running.

Only Lyna ever found me, and she soon learned that my skill far surpassed that of her own. I refuse to go into the details, just know that I watched as her life blood spilled onto the streets of Lowtown, and then I dropped her body into the water. She will not be found, so don't try to find her.

Now that you know I was not at fault for the Noble's prolonged life, I ask for the chance to complete my contract, and I ask that you call off the hounds out seeking my blood. Oh, and one other thing... I will need my payment in advance if I am expected to find and kill this man. I expect I will need to travel, and I suspect I will need to bribe.

Yours truly,


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