That night I picked up the scroll in a isolated building in Darktown after I walked out into the night the cold air filling my lungs as I stood and read over the information hand written on the scroll. The name, her name was there, my heart seemed to recoil as I fell to my knee in shock. I knew I was going to kill before I got this information but…no not her.

She was the reason I still had my life. She was to me in my heart and mind my lover, my best friend, my tie to this world…how could I….take her life. They knew I couldn’t, they found out some how my ties to her. This was punishment for failing a order to kill a child that had witness a job we did three weeks ago. My life was to end no matter what I decided to do. A life without her is no life at all. A failure of this assignment would mean my life was forfeit away.

I tired to steel my heart as I headed to where I knew she spent most of her time. She would not think nothing of me coming to see her at all. She trusted me without a question in my mind, without a doubt in her heart. I slowed my walk as I came to her getaaway in Darktown. I knocked on the door…shit my arms were trembling…my heart was sinking I didn’t know what I was going to do when I finally heard her voice call out “Come in, Farsetto” Why did she know it was me at the door. Something didn’t seem right at all. I was one of the few who knew she spent time at the location, but she wouldn’t be able to guess it was me just by my knocking.

I opened the door slowly and closed it behind me. She was standing there just smiling at me as pulled in into a tight hug “Oh it is so nice to see you…….you look so sick my dear,” Indeed my face must have been pale. Seeing her made this no easier. She asked her family to take me in when my older brother was taken from me and murdered by Templers eight year prior. She had always taken care of me, always played the role of a support, a sister even. She never asked how I felt for her, I was just her little sister in her eyes…I thought…

“I know why you look like this…..I know what you do Farsetto…who you run around with ” She held onto me tighter. Why did she know I had hidden it form her, kept my dealings in the shadows. I didn’t want her to hate me, look down on me, or worry about me. Someone had set this up, someone had informed her,” And I am your mark now. It must be hard on you”

I was in astonishment, if she knew then why would now run? Why would she just stay at this place she knew I came to see her at all the time? Why was she so calm? She looked into me eyes as she pulled apart for her hug on me “Kill me” I instantly became very outraged “Do you know what the sod your saying! Run, yell for help, fight me, hurt me, something! But do not just stand and tell me……”

“You are my little sister, some one I have vowed to protect even if it means my death . If you don’t do this you will die that is my understanding ,” She put that smile old grin I had came to know over the years. I ran at her pulling out a dagger. I thought she would react, or make any kind of move but she didn’t I reacted first. My body came to a stop as my dagger was at the front of her neck. Tears falling down my face, as I fell to my knees,” I hate you! I hate you! Move dammit! Don’t just stand there!” I had raise the dagger to my own neck willing to take my left to spare hers. At this time she hit me in face “Idiot!” Are the words she said as I felt body take hold of me again wit he low sobs dagger hitting the ground.

I have decided I will no longer be a slave and do mindless jobs anymore. I will live free, and be with the people I love. I leave with this message: This the end, and this my new path.. I’ll protect what is dear to me forever from this day on. Find me if you will, but I will never fall as long as I have someone like her to fight for........ this I swear