• Shadowrei

    My Path, My Love

    October 3, 2011 by Shadowrei

    That night I picked up the scroll in a isolated building in Darktown after I walked out into the night the cold air filling my lungs as I stood and read over the information hand written on the scroll. The name, her name was there, my heart seemed to recoil as I fell to my knee in shock. I knew I was going to kill before I got this information but…no not her.

    She was the reason I still had my life. She was to me in my heart and mind my lover, my best friend, my tie to this world…how could I….take her life. They knew I couldn’t, they found out some how my ties to her. This was punishment for failing a order to kill a child that had witness a job we did three weeks ago. My life was to end no matter what I decided to do. A life without her is …

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