Someone very high and powerful contacts the Coterie on an assignment that needs to be dealt with immediately. An Orlesian noble named Acelin Pelletier living in Hightown has been trying to persuade citizens of Kirkwall to help Orlais take over Ferelden and needs to be silenced. Word has it; Pelletier is throwing a masquerade ball tomorrow at midnight. All citizens from Orlais and Kirkwall are invited. The leader then gives the assignment to one of their best assassins with the given information. He expects the assassin should have no problem since he can hide his identity and kill the noble when the right moment strikes. Only he was very wrong.

Over the next few days the Coterie received rumors about the assassin being killed at the masquerade ball by Pelletier. They believe it’s just a rumor but days go by with no word from the assassin. The leader is very displeased by reporting the failed assassination to the person who contacted him. Let’s just say, he wasn’t the only one.

Several months have already past and the assassin who was claimed to be dead returns to the Coterie. They didn’t welcome him back with open arms and a red carpet. Instead, they locked him in a holding cell until the leader figures out what to do. When he did, the leader approached the assassin loss and frustrated on everything that had occurred to now. Also, he’s been curious ever since the assassin returned and wants to know why rumors went around claiming that he died at the hands of Pelletier when he stands right in front of him. Wanting to know where he’d been this entire time. Then he lets his fate be decided on how he failed to kill the noble and if his words sway him, maybe he’ll receive payment and keep his life. The assassin finally begins to tell the story about the assignment he was given that went to hell the night at the masquerade ball.

He arrived at the party glancing around the estate for Pelletier but there was no sight of him yet. However, he did find out where Pelletier was as no one could go up to the second floor. One of the guards mention Pelletier is preparing a speech and will be down when he’s ready. Waiting patiently, he overheard two orlesians near the bartender chatting about a woman named Leliana and one of them was a companion of the Champion of Kirkwall famously known as the knight of Orlais. The other person said something about working with Leliana for a woman by the name of Marjolaine. Within seconds a merchant tries to get his attention saying “Any fine goods you want to buy! I once sold a seat cushion to Empress Celene you know!” He walked away refusing the offer and stood in between a crowd of people dancing. Suddenly, they stop when the music gets cut off.

The assassin pauses at this moment in the story asking the leader who contacted him to do the assignment. Only the leader had nothing to say making the assassin angry. The information he gives is the only thing the assassin needs. This puts the assassin in a place where he needs to get the details and he knew what to say in the story to get his attention.

Finally, Acelin Pelletier makes his way down the stairs thanking everyone for coming. Some took off their mask showing respect while others didn’t bother to do. The assassin’s next move was to sneak up the stairs to the second floor where the room Pelletier came from. But, he must sneak unnoticed at the given moment. He looks behind him and sees a woman dressed as a pirate seducing the guards to let her in. She then goes and talk to the knight of Orlais.

Meanwhile, Pelletier mentions the main reason he threw the party was so everyone will understand why they need to re-conquer Ferelden. He did however make interesting points. Fereldans are disorganized, dirty, and weak to defend themselves. The orlesians have proved that to be right once. He went on saying a Blight almost wiped them off the map for good and that’s when the knight of Orlais stepped in. They argue back and forth which gave me a chance to sneak upstairs. Then the assassin saw an elf remove his mask in front of Pelletier ready to kill him, but Antivan Crows show up just before he can. The guards protect Pelletier and get help from the knight of Orlais, a pirate rogue, and a mage to fight off the Antivan Crows killing everybody in their way. The assassin chases the elf escaping the estate and for several months he still couldn’t catch him.


The assassin keeps his life, gets a new assignment, and finds out some details.

The person who contacted the leader: Empress Celene. She wanted to keep peace between the nations avoiding chances of starting a war.

Known Orlesians at the party: Aveline, Sketch, and Hubert(selling fine goods)

Woman dressed as a pirate: Isabela. Wanting to know where Hawke was from Aveline.

Elf who removed his mask: Zevran. Rumors have it, Loghain(If alive)sends him to kill the noble to get on his good side for failing to kill the hero of Ferelden. Other rumors say he did it for his own reasons.

Why Antivan Crows were there: Tracking down Zevran