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  • Shadizar666

    The young lady Jezebel Cousland stood there gazing into the mabari pen as the young puppies tousled with each other. They looked like little more than balls of fur with stubby legs and teeth. One stopped and looked at her just as something caught her eye; she looked away and spied the promising young knight-to-be pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with training equipment from the fight pit to the shed. She grinned back at the roughhousing puppies and then skipped over to the boy.

    She caught up to the lad, and with a voice that naturally dripped seduction she said, “Afternoon Ser Gilmore,” as she pulled a wooden dagger from the pile.

    He scowled at her, “I’m hardly a knight yet milady,” they’d had a long history and he eyed her suspiciously as he tr…

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  • Shadizar666

    Dimensional rifts...

    September 21, 2012 by Shadizar666

    I have no other way to describe them; thankfully there are only a few. Notable rifts include the Frostback Mountains, Lake Callanhad, and Redcliffe; these are areas which have two locations shoulder to shoulder. While I somewhat understand the reason for separating the locations on the map, my issue lay with the travel required between the neighboring locations.

    A wide open field full of darkspawn is somehow in between the mouth of the cave and the hall of heros.

    A mountain valley pass full of bandits springing up on the boat ride to the circle tower.

    A forest trail with a giant spider ambush on the bridge to Redcliffe Castle. --Shadizar666 (Ruck Rules) 00:31, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Shadizar666

    Blood Magic...

    August 22, 2012 by Shadizar666

    Ok, I'm not a hemophobe; but come on, if the blood mages did that to themselves, they'd die after every spell.

    My first taste of blood magic was with Merrill in DA2; and I cocked my eye at the absurdity of it. Then I finally got to play DAO, and enabled Jowan's escape; and both eyebrows disappeared into my scalp. The only blood magic I've attempted myself so far, were those from the Power of Blood, the mage and rogue selections; and that blasted Dark Sustenance is unreal.

    To be frank, while I'm mildly interested in the Blood Magic taboo, I'm currently turned off by it's implementation. I hope this gets toned down in DA3; though I have my doubts.

    Edit: Come to think of it; why is it only the Warden who get's to enjoy the fruits of Avenrus' res…

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  • Shadizar666

    Party Banter...

    August 1, 2012 by Shadizar666

    I love the concept, brings more depth to the companions. However, a couple things I hope get fixed for the latest installment in the series. This coming from a PS3 user; I've played the XBOX DAO+A, and the same issues arise; I don't know about the PC.

    1 - They shouldn't start talking right before a fight. It's maddening when they pipe up, and before you can stop to follow it, an enemy is detected and the fight is on. They don't stop talking, they continue to converse while fighting.

    2 - They shouldn't start talking right before a screen change; DA2 is bad for this, though thankfully you can back out of the map, and they're still talking.

    3 - That stubborn bitch Isabella, I love her, but in "Fools Rush In" and "No Rest For The Wicked", if you …

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