• Ser Lavaeolus

    As 90% of those reading this are likely to know, Dragon Age: Inquisition represents each party member with a tarot card, along with other things. You are also likely to know that these change depending on choices, story progress, etc., and are full of symbolism up the wahoo.

    But what does the symbolism mean? Or, in this case, "What the fuck is up with that snake?" These are questions we hope to answer in... oh, look, the title's up there already, guess this intro was needless.

    Sadly, you may consider this examination not too in-depth. You are always welcome to probe further of course. Engage that southerner mind. Either way, I'm sure, prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of a ride. Mini-essay away.

    If you read all that, I am proud, and admire your…

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