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August 19, 2011
  • Seikekyu

    Okay so I went to the event on Saturday (took me long enough to type this), got Gaider's signature, got a poster of the concept art of Kirkwall's Keep, and all that good stuff... now to the juicy tid-bits of what are in my notes...

    This panel might show up on The Pulse, later... Took into note that there were camras in the beginning of the session before it began, but highly doubtful..

    At the Panel the main speaker of the evening was Mike Laidlaw - Lead Designer and with him on the panel was Mark Darrah -Executive Producer, Matt Goldmen - Art Director, David Gaider - Lead Writer, Len Baxter - Senior Producer(I think that was his name, writing too fast), Chris Pramas - from Green Ronin, with a surprise guest Felicia Day promoting DA:Redemptio…

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  • Seikekyu

    this was an accidental post

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