• Sandvalleykid

    Game stop now has a per-order bonus, the items are:

    Fadeshear Sword: The core of this blade is old. As old as the first smiths who sought a way to battle the nightmares from the land beyond. It has fought the demonic hosts in countless battles. Sometimes it has been held high in triumphant victory. Other times, it has lain broken besides its dying owner. But after every defeat it has always been reclaimed, reforged, and made stronger. Fadeshear has passed through many hands before yours. Now it is your turn to make the demons of the Fade pay for crossing the Veil into the waking world.

    Improves with each level-up

    additional damage vs. demons and undead

    Lion of Orlais Shield: At the height of the Summer War all of Orlais was embroiled in fierceā€¦

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