Like I said in my intro I play a succubus hellcat in D&D. She is a level 20+ Mage, Fighter, Thief. She owns a chain of bars called Sam's bar and weapons shop. They are all over the land of Faerun. She has many friends including dryads, fairies, ogres, kenders, humans, forsetkin, vampires, dragons, drow, and tieflings. She is also the queen of Waterdeep not by choice but she is (at least in our game). She loves to adventure more then anything else and she loves to create things on the forge of which she has 1 that she takes with her where ever she goes, and she has 1 in each bar. She could have been queen of the hellcats, but she found her older brother and he became king instead.

Sam does not like being a ruler, but she does what she has too. She has 6 children that are succubus, hellcat, black dragon, fire elemental, and 8 more that are succubus hellcat, she is grand mother to 13 succubus, hellcat, black dragon, fire elemental from one daughter and 8 grand children that are succubus, hellcat, black dragon, fire elemental, forsetkin, human from another daughter.

She was there and watched as her cursed friend the kender turned a tarrasque into a 5,000 pound meat-bun. Which he then proceeded to eat 500 pounds of it. She has also seen this friend and one of her human friend blow up many places including some of her bars screaming "Panama!" although she never understood why.

Sam has been all over the world of Faerun and a few others. She loves her friend Whammy (the pixie) because if the foes are to many Whammy puts as many as she can to sleep with her arrows so that the overwhelming foes can be dealt with in a more manageable fashion. As for Juliet (the 3' ogre) she started out as a summoned creature, got shrunk to fit through a hole and stuck around for Rylith (the Kender). She and Ry have 2 children little Shasta (an illusionist) and little Ace (A were-rat god (long story)).

IF you want to know more just ask will be glad to share.

Sam_Death (talk)16:19, August 15, 2010 (UTC)