Your information is flawed, I was not informed that my target had taken a new mistress and due to your oversight the Orlesian still lives. I infiltrated the kitchens at a gala he was to attend and added Quiet Death to the aigo boulido before it was carried out for the early soups course. I then slipped away and headed across the city stationing myself in the personal wing of his city manor waiting news of his death or the opportunity to finish the job however he did not return home that night and dawn found me with a house full of agitated guards still roaming the halls and grounds. Having run out of new places to stash bodies I was forced to flee the manor and lose myself in the city. I spent that day sleepless gathering information and by nightfall discovered what the Coterie had overlooked, and that my plan had now turned against us. I chose that gala to a purpose, I knew that our target has a rival who was not attending and thus suspicion would be cast on him and clouded by the deaths of many nobles thus shielding the Coterie from reprisals. Our target however spent the night with his new mistress and now both he and his rival have left the city for more secured locations and our chance is gone. We may still hope that they bear each other enmity enough that our target could yet die at the hands of his rival but I cannot make another attempt. I am coming home and intent to indulge myself as reward for my efforts upon my return. Your response to this missive containing payment, or it’s lack, shall guide the course set for my indulgences and whether that be set to the Blooming Rose or your door.

Your servant, X