So I'm completing another full play through of DA:O plus all DLC and then DAII plus all DLC in preparation for writing a comparative review of DAII. With DA3 already announced I don't know how much attention this will get but as much as anything it's to keep my own thoughts in order and highlight was I found really enjoyable (or lacking) in each gameplay experience. I'm currently midway through Awakenings and the one thing that's glaringly clear is I miss Anders

Anders: Ah can you smell that, that is the smell of freedom. It comes complete with the smell of dogs, and dust, but the freedom is in there too.

Warden: That's just someone a baking pie. Anders: (sighs) the fact that there are pies around to smell is a step up for me. I've had a pie-less existence, more or less. I escaped from the tower seven times. After the last time they put me solitary confinement for a year. Eventually, I'm sure they would have branded me a maleficar, true or not, and executed me. Warden: But you are a blood mage. Anders: Well, sure, now I am. Don't think the irony is lost on me. The problem is that mages are tolerated barely. It's like you need permission to be alive. There's nothing a mage can do to prove himself. Everyone needs to be protected from you. The end. Warden: There has to be a better way.

Anders: The Tevinter Imperium has a better way, but we know how that argument flies around here. (sighs) All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools. Warden: I think you're aiming too low.

Anders: True. I want a harem, a banquet, and the ability to rain fireballs upon every Templar in creation. Never mind me, now and again I recall that I'm not sitting in a cell and I have to smile, that's all.''

The overarching story arc he has in DAII is fine, I can see how that tracks with the whole Anders/Justice fusion. I get how Rogue Mage + Spirit of Justice = Vengeance. The in game dialog with Hawk in DAII however is another thing, I'm having trouble figuring out how Rouge Mage + Spirit of Justice = Emo Kid.