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    REAL piracy protection

    November 2, 2011 by RoseLegion

    This is an example of what many major publishers do no understand and what is (based on all evidence I've encountered) the real way to convince gamers to buy rather than pirate your games and software. I among gamers I know, and for me personally this kind of sensibility and respect earns titles released by developers who take this kind of stand preferential treatment when it comes to deciding what to buy and/or what to buy first. [A quick note to anyone who is wondering what this has to do with Dragon Age, the answer is a two letter publishing company made up completely of vowels ;P )

    In response to rumors about The Witcher 2 DRM, the following has been posted in the official forum:

    1. We believe that the chief way to achieve favorable sal…

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    Mana points regenerated per second
    • How meaningful regeneration rates are correlates directly to the length and difficulty of fights. Meaning that higher regeneration tends to become more useful in the higher difficulty settings of the game.

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    List of Guides

    October 22, 2011 by RoseLegion

    This is my (ever growing) list of Dragon Age related guides and tools. I'm creating this post mostly to provide myself with an easy reference for all of these resources however suggestions are welcome and of course anyone may use this listing for their own reference as well :)

    • Discount code for 60% off various bioware products and 800 points packs
    • Character builder
    • Money making guide
    • Blood Mage guide
    • Tactics guide (details on how they actually work)
    • Elemental Warrior build guide (ways to get 66%-112% more dmg of a given element for warriors)
    • DA2 Regeneration rates explained (also useful for details on how gear bonuses are effected by item slot/type)
    • Supplier Achievement Trophy Walkthrough Video (direct links blocked by spam filter, titles listed …
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    I miss Anders

    October 11, 2011 by RoseLegion

    So I'm completing another full play through of DA:O plus all DLC and then DAII plus all DLC in preparation for writing a comparative review of DAII. With DA3 already announced I don't know how much attention this will get but as much as anything it's to keep my own thoughts in order and highlight was I found really enjoyable (or lacking) in each gameplay experience. I'm currently midway through Awakenings and the one thing that's glaringly clear is I miss Anders

    Anders: Ah can you smell that, that is the smell of freedom. It comes complete with the smell of dogs, and dust, but the freedom is in there too.

    Warden: That's just someone a baking pie.
    Anders: (sighs) the fact that there are pies around to smell is a step up for me. I've had a pie…

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    Orlesian Murder Mystery

    October 7, 2011 by RoseLegion


    Your information is flawed, I was not informed that my target had taken a new mistress and due to your oversight the Orlesian still lives. I infiltrated the kitchens at a gala he was to attend and added Quiet Death to the aigo boulido before it was carried out for the early soups course. I then slipped away and headed across the city stationing myself in the personal wing of his city manor waiting news of his death or the opportunity to finish the job however he did not return home that night and dawn found me with a house full of agitated guards still roaming the halls and grounds. Having run out of new places to stash bodies I was forced to flee the manor and lose myself in the city. I spent that day sleepless gathering infor…

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