I think by now everyone has heard about Dragon Age III and how they are listening to the gamers feedback. I liked how in dragon age II they had the darker parts of the city like the underworld and then how they had the parts with lots of guards in the richer parts of the city. I would've liked to see some cool wilderness like in dao when you had to get the Dalish to help. I think most people want more customization like you can pick the races and more races like the Qunari and some other ones. Also it would be cool to have each race have a different start like in dao. I liked the Dragon Age II fighting much better but i liked how there was more to the specialization in dao like you could become a shapeshifter but you had to earn it. I want to see a return of some characters but i also want to meet some new ones. I want to be able to make decisions that change the game. I hated how you couldn't customize the other characters in Dragon Age II. To me it wouldn't matter that much i just thought it might be cool to add guilds or at least more important side quests and definitely times that you could be good or evil. So that is what i think they should have, say what you thought about it or what you want in the comments below.