Even though there's already a forum like this, I'll make a blog so that everyone get to know.

Back to that other blog, we got to know that we'll receive a in-game weapon if you subscribe for the newsletter.

I bet most of your received the e-mail, but some (like me) didn't. Fernando Melo said in this post on Social BioWare:

"Staff of Parlathan = the staff-sword from the trailer (and incidentally also the inflatable staff-swords we were giving away at the cons)

REDEEMING YOUR CODE NOW IS OK! We do not expect you to have to hang on to the email until launch.

However, it might only appear on your list of DLC here on social closer to DA2 launch. Unless you got an error when redeeming, the item is there and we'll roll that out on to your list of content as soon as we can so you can confirm.

The code is redeemed on an account here on social. If you have more than 1 account on social then first login to the one you want the staff for - the code has 1 use only, and once redeemed on one account it will not be usable on another.

Particularly important for console players - If you have more than 1 social account, ensure your gamertag or psn account name is correctly linked to the account you are redeeming the code against (social shows the gamertag/psn account name at the top of the redeem page).

And for those still waiting for the item - as Chris mentioned, it may still take a few days to send the email to everyone, please be patient and give it a few more days."


So for those that didn't receive the e-mail, no panics Icon wink.

PS: I always start as a warrior on a new RPG game... But if I get this weapon, I will surely start as a mage first.

EDIT: You can still sign-up for the newsletter here. If it's not available, it's because you already subscribed for it. Now we wait and pray.

Chris said:

"Update time.

We are working so that those people who *ahem* accidentally already redeemed their code even though the newsletter specifically says not to will see it associated with their profile. This should be working by the end of the day.

If you missed your opportunity to sign up during San Diego Comic Con OR Gamescom OR PAX, we have extended the newsletter sign up for the month of October. So if you have not yet done so, register for the BioWare newsletter and you will get the Staff of Parlanthan."

So run to subscribe for the newsletter while you still can!! D: