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Warden, the Grey Warden

My mage's name is Warden. LOL

Since I couldn't decide between rogue or warrior, I have chosen to play as Alistair/Loghain and have my PC be the ultimate support mage.

I'm designing her as a non-shapeshifter, spirit-damaging version of Morrigan. I really hate not having the option of respec-ing DAO characters. I feel like Morrigan (and Sten) got the short end of the stick. Shapeshifting, no offense, isn't very useful on a companion.

Or maybe it is... I really can't say for certain because I'm always so frustrated having to switch to her in the middle of a battle and manual deactivate her bear form. I'll have to look into this.

Great. I suddenly feel like starting a new game.

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