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Firmware 3.30--disaster!

I finally got through an origin story (dwarf noble, female, sultry voice, dw warrior) and gave all the darkspawn in the Tower of Ishal a well-deserved beating when Firmware 3.30 stuck.

Playing DAO only to have it freeze? No! That was one of the this I absolutely loved about DAO--no freezing.

I'm a huge Bethesda fan (Oblivion, Fallout 3), but as much as I love those games, I couldn't help but notice one terrible, marked flaw...freezing. To be honest, it was often my fault that Oblivion froze (creating a shower of skulls onto the poor passerbys with the cloning cheat *evil grin*). Fallout 3 only gave me major problems after I downloaded the DLCs. Still, things like that ruin the gaming experience by polluting the atmosphere with software-induced frustration.

Anyway, I'm sadly taking a break from DAO until the good people of Sony and Bioware fix the update. *Sad face*

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