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April 1, 2010
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    May 6, 2010 by Rival grace

    I'm thinking of doing another playthrough as a rogue (not sure about race yet), but I'm not sure about taking points in Stealth. I love Stealth. It's great in the Fade against those groups of magi (I also love grenades). Still, every time I get my party back, I can't seem to use Stealth effectively. I end up feeling like it's all I can do to hurry up and backstab whoever's getting their butt kicked by Alistair/Sten/Morrigan so I can get the kill. Stealth and lockpicking are about the only reasons I choose Rogue over Warrior. I really don't want to play solo, though. (Love banter)

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  • Rival grace

    My mage's name is Warden. LOL

    Since I couldn't decide between rogue or warrior, I have chosen to play as Alistair/Loghain and have my PC be the ultimate support mage.

    I'm designing her as a non-shapeshifter, spirit-damaging version of Morrigan. I really hate not having the option of respec-ing DAO characters. I feel like Morrigan (and Sten) got the short end of the stick. Shapeshifting, no offense, isn't very useful on a companion.

    Or maybe it is... I really can't say for certain because I'm always so frustrated having to switch to her in the middle of a battle and manual deactivate her bear form. I'll have to look into this.

    Great. I suddenly feel like starting a new game.

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  • Rival grace

    I'm so torn between what I want in my character.

    Warrior: I love the activated talents, the low fatigue, and the specializations, but I love being able to pick locks.

    Mage: I always go Arcane Warrior, but I hate how I have to put points into dexterity, have massive fatigue, and how my other party members steal my kills. I must say, Mana Clash is amazing, though.

    Rogue: I love Stealth and picking locks, but I hate how everything seems to pile on fatigue (armor, keen defense, momentum, etc.). I also don't appreciate being quite so vunerable to mages.

    I would play solo so I could get all the kills regardless of class, but the banter is one of the best parts of the game.

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  • Rival grace

    Despite the freezing, DAO is still playable, so...I started a new playthrough. I'm going to have three mages and Leliana, because she is awesome.  ;)

    Here's my mage plan:

    Morrigan--debilator/elemental damager

    Liadain (grey lady)--controller/spirit damager


    Spell suggestions are welcome.  ;)

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  • Rival grace

    Until news of 3.30 getting fixed enough to stop causing problems on DAO, I'm taking a break from the game. ...And feeling DAO withdrawal. So, I'm making a list of the "best" ways to combat DAO withdrawal.

    1)Spend inordinate amounts of time on the DA wiki playing vicariously through all those lucky people who don't have a PS3 (Why, Sony? Why!?)

    2)Plan all the skills, talents, and spells, to give to each companion

    3)Weigh the pros and cons of respec-ing my character to entirely different weapon skill set when importing to DAA (DW to Weapon and Shield)

    4)Read all the banter that I can't hear

    Any suggestions? *giggle*

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