• Rieza Maxia

    Newwwww here :D

    June 24, 2015 by Rieza Maxia

    Hey everyone! Name is Rieza and I am new to the Dragon Age Wikia!

    Thought I would become part of the community since I have been playing the Dragon Age series recently and thought it would learn more about the lore!

    I have played DA:Origins (but not completed), DA2 and DA: Inquisition. I am now on my second play-through of Inquisition but currently torn between 2 classes: Warrior 2-handed and Mage as my second character to complete the story with!

    So with introductions done, I am happy to join in within the community and will start contributing when I come across something new :) in the mean time, I'm always up for a chat so just pop me a message on my wall or say hello in chat :)

    Happy contributing!

    ~ Rieza

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