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Future for Human Noble PC and Alistair

I have posted this elsewhere but I wanted to create my own blog about this! So here goes.....

So I have been thinking about what the creator David Gaider said about two Grey Wardens not being able to have kids. I really hope they come back to this story line. I am hanging on to what he said later after all the women fans of Dragon Age complained about this. He stated that it was next to impossible naturally but probably possible unnaturally. This makes me feel better. I think that he and Rhiannon ( my PC) should seek unnatural means to have children. Not blood magic, possibly something like Old magic like Morrigan did. Maybe with the help of Avernus, since I did the DLC. I was thinking that after maybe two years of a blissful loving marriage, the possiblilty of an heir would bother them a lot. They get a seemingly wonderful solution ( I'll leave how to some video game genius)from Avenus and they'll get their heir. Unfortunately, the taint with in them both will excelerate the death of my dear PC. She will become increasingly, mad dreaming of death and the remaining Darkspawn that call her. Her pregnancy will become difficult and people will begin to question her capacity as Queen. When she finally does have the child, it is seemlingly normal. Alistair falls in love with his new child immediatley, but Queen despises it, seeing only a vile little darkspawn. She tries to murder it leaving Alistair no choice but to lock her up. It is clear that the Queen is completely out of her mind and the people of Ferelden are no longer confident in her. She tried to kill the heir of Ferelden!! They believe Alistair should take action to remove her from the throne. However Alistair still remembers the woman he met at Ostagar. His first love, the heroine of Ferelden and the woman who truly made him a man. He goes to Fort Drakon to visit his love and realizes that she is almost gone and will become a ghoul soon. With her last bit of sanity left, she asks for her husband's forgiveness for trying to murder the child and the heir to the throne. She also asks to be taken to Orzammar to enter the Deep Roads while she still has a little of her sanity. There is a private but slightly grand marching of the Queen to the Deep Roads. Whoever was made King of Orzammar (Lord Harrowmont in my case)would be there to see her off as well as all the main NPC's she helped during her quest as a Grey Warden. She would kiss her beloved and wave goodbye to everyone and walk into the Deep Roads never to be seen again.....

I really LOVE this game!! And I hope that the blood line of Alistair does not end because he married for love. It still needs to have a tragic sad ending, but he and my pretty Rhiannon should get a fraction of what they want. Maybe their child can also become some powerful being and be the ruler of Ferelden.

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