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July 31, 2010
  • RhiannonCousland

    Hey dude. Not sure if this will get to you but here goes. Where did you find out the Loghain purposely dug tunnels in the Tower of Ishal. I don't ever remeber coming acros info like that.RhiannonCousland (talk) 13:42, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

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  • RhiannonCousland

    Fantasyeve!! Your Wardens are so beautiful!! I don't think I could ever get my Warden to be so pretty. Me personally, I chose to have a darker Warden. It seemed as if all the royalty were blonds. The Warden starts out blond, Cailan's blond..Anora's blond, Alistair's blond. I just wanted to throw some brown in there. I was trying to make her skin as dark as possible without making her look blotchy, but, that didn't work. : ( Anyway your Warden girls are awesome.

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  • RhiannonCousland

    I have posted this elsewhere but I wanted to create my own blog about this! So here goes.....

    So I have been thinking about what the creator David Gaider said about two Grey Wardens not being able to have kids. I really hope they come back to this story line. I am hanging on to what he said later after all the women fans of Dragon Age complained about this. He stated that it was next to impossible naturally but probably possible unnaturally. This makes me feel better. I think that he and Rhiannon ( my PC) should seek unnatural means to have children. Not blood magic, possibly something like Old magic like Morrigan did. Maybe with the help of Avernus, since I did the DLC. I was thinking that after maybe two years of a blissful loving marriag…

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